Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tour Kickoff Show and Tour

So we've got the tour kick off show booked. Here's a flier and the lowdown:

$5, 7PM, Summer Camp (

Boilerman (tour kickoff)
Skrapyard (first show)
Sucked Dry (from Kansas City)
Erfert (a really awesome band)

Then we do this:
Wed 1 - Chicago @ Summercamp w/ Skrapyard, Erfert, Sucked Dry (KC)
Thur 2 - Normal, IL @ Lake House w/ Sweater Weather
Fri 3 - Carbondale, IL @ Hanging Garden w/ Al Scorch, The Shakes
Sat 4 - Kansas City, MO @ Bandwagon Merchandise w/ Canyons, Foreign Theaters, Kicked In, Attention Seeker
Sun 5 - Oklahoma City @ Bad Granny's Bazaar 1759 NW 16th St. w/ Needlepoints, No Man's Slave
Mon 6 - Fort Worth, TX @ 1919 Hemphill
Tues 7 - Austin, TX @ Trailer Space Records
Wed 8 - Day Off
Thur 9 - New Orleans
Fri 10 - early radio show in NOLA then a show in Baton Rouge, LA
Sat 11 - Louisville, Kentucky @ House of Wax w/ Vaderbomb, The New Mexico, Alcohawk, Lay Down and Die, Damaged Goods
Sun 12 - Cincinnati, OH
Mon 13 - Indianapolis @ The Dojo w/ House Boat, Sucked Dry

That will be filled in with more details as they become apparent. We'll have the CD version of our 7" thanks to Moonquake, and some new patches. Seeya there!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Lansing Show

We got put on a really awesome show in Lansing, IL. Here's the lowdown:

11/17/10 7PM (no punk time)

Grown Ups
Young Devilry

The Brad Lohaus
3423 Monroe St.
Lansing, IL

Every band on this is awesome and you should go.