Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Skeletal Lightning Midwest Compilation

We have a song on a pretty boss online compilation that Skeletal Lightning put together.  It features such righteous Chicago brethren as Angry Gods, Wide Angles, Sick/Tired and a lot more. Scope it out here:


August will be spent largely finishing up the writing of our LP and hopefully starting to record the thing.  Hell yeah.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Upcoming Shows in July

Here are the shows we have left in July.  All of them are well worth your time.

First of we have a show July 11th in Calumet City with Peeple Watchin' and Derailer.  No flier for this one yet.  It's at 1025 Sibley Boulevard Calumet City, IL and starts at 8PM. 

Then, we've got this show at 4206 N Western in Chicago with Peeple Watchin', Boxsledder, Outlast, and Scoundrel.  Should be great.

Finally, we have this incredible beast on July 17th with Republic of Dreams (from GERMANY!), Stress x Relief, Cold Lovers, and the first show for Chicago band Strangers.  Here's the flier with the details.

After these we'll be hard at work finishing up and recording our LP.