Thursday, October 31, 2013

Loss Leaders in the UK

Speed-o-Wax has dropped off the UK release of our LP, but the mighty ALL IN VINYL is still going to be doing a pressing for the other side of the pond.  It will be on a special UK only color and is going into production in the next few days.  Keep your eyes peeled here and at .

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sweet Home Chicago

We're back from tour and it was excellent!  Thanks a million to those who helped us out and allowed us to have such a solid time.  We've still got a handful of OBI strip copies of the LP left.  Snag one at or at one of our two very solid upcoming shows:

11/2 - 86 Mets - Sass Dragons, Thirsty Chords (JAPAN), Turncoat (JAPAN), Boilerman

11/17 - Township (all ages) - Direct Hit, Lipstick Homicide, Boilerman, Galactic Cannibal

Nest up is getting to work finishing up writing for two 7"s we're planning.  Things are progressing nicely, so more on that soon.  Stay boogie.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Here's the route.  We're still missing shows on the dates with ***s so if you by some chance have a hook up, hook us up!

13 - Toronto @ Skramden Yards w/ Brutal Youth, My Man, Stares, Tax Haven
14 - Ottawa ***
15 - Montreal @ Crobar
16 - Maine ***
17 - New Hampshire @ Ezra's House w/ Notches, Poo Poo Platter
18 - Massachusetts
19 - Connecticut @ Willimantic Records w/ Spit-Take
20 - Long Island, New York @ Checkmate Inn w/ Warm Needles, Playing Dead
21 - Philadelphia @ Golden Tea House w/ Joint Chiefs of Math, Nah, Glocca Morra, Bad Side
22 - DC w/ Peeple Watchin', Max Levine Ensemble
23 - Richmond, VA ***
24 - Columbus, OH