Thursday, June 14, 2012

Republic of Dreams Show

In addition to the phenomenal shows listed below, we're playing a show July 17th in Chicago.  Here's the deal:

7/17/12 @ Albion House (1719 W Albion) 
7PM  $8

- Boilerman
- Stress Relief (straight edge powerviolent West Coast hardcore)
- Republic of Drams (frantic hardcore chaos from GERMANY!!!)
- Cold Lovers (noisy Chicago hardcore)
- xCAVEx (first show!  Chicago straight edge fast hardcore featuring members of bands)

Flier soon.  Please come out and support US and international DIY touring bands.  

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Shows!

At the end of the month, Joey will be back from touring Europe and we'll be back to business.  Here are the two shows we've got set up for when he gets back (information in text form on the shows page).

Both should be a great time.  After the dust settles from those hootenannies, we'll be working on finishing up/recording an LP worth of material.