Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cheap Shirts!

So, we're finishing up writing our LP and getting ready to record.  As such, we're playing very few shows, but have a bunch of shirts hanging around.  To raise funds for mastering the record and some hopeful out of town jaunts, I present to you the "Cheap T-Shirt 2012 Bonanzaganza," in which you can purchase a t-shirt and a button for a mere $6.50ppd (the 50 cents is to cover paypal fees).

You can get any of the shirts on the merch page.  There are pictures of them over there too.  Here are the size breakdowns of what we have:

Lemur Shirt: Large only

Trap shirt: Large only

Kids shirt: Large on American Apparel shirts, Medium, Large and Extra Large on SPX shirts

TO ORDER: Just paypal the dough to .  Want other stuff with the shirt (7"s, patches, Hip Kid distro stuff)?  Have questions?  Just email that same address.  Thanks for the support.

In other news, we've almost played 100 shows.  We're hoping to do something cool for number 100.  We'll see