Here are the shows we've got coming up:



2/6/10 at Albion House with New Creases, Dastard, Canadian Rifle

2/26/10 at Treasure Town with Lemuria, Like Bats, Sass Dragons, Buster League, You'll Get Yours

4/9/10 at Hot Tub House (Cincinnati) with Sweet Talk, Dead North, Rad Company
4/10/10 at Halloween House (Indianapolis) with Like Bats, Vacation, Sweet Talk
4/11/10 at Fat Guy House (Kalamazoo, MI) with Sweet Talk, Bike Tuff

4/17/10 at Moving Castle with Paramedics, Young Devilry, Universe

5/2/10 at Summer Camp with Dastard, Mouthbreather, Grandfather Clock

5/25/10 at CISA Studios (Hammond, IN) with Like Bats, Dude Jams, Gun

6/2/10 at Moving Castle with Please and Thank Yous, RVIVR, 97-Shiki

6/30/10 at Summercamp with Parrhesia, Neurons, Pukoied, Itto

7/22/10 at Hungry House (Cincinnati) w/ Siblings, Dead North, Louder Than Bombs
7/23/10 at Tree House (Columbus) w/ New Creases, Animal Cubes, Thee Shopkeepers
7/24/10 at Jubert's House (Washington DC) w/ Real Talk, Skin Failure, Veins
7/25/10 at Barcode (Wilmington, Delaware) w/ Like Bats, Ba-Durr, Car Crusher
7/27/10 at Death Valley(New Brunswick) w/ The Measure [sa], State Lottery, Gordie How Hat-Trick
7/29/10 at Handsome Woman (Willimantic, CT) w/ Gasoline Wind, Silent Way
7/30/10 at Hot Blot (Binghamton, NY) w/ Japanther, Longitude, Beach Parade
7/31/10 at Gurley House (Akron, OH) w/ I am the Sky, Josh
8/1/10 at The DAAC (Grand Rapids) w/ Xtra Vomit, Scaburger, Poor Choice, Men as Witches, Louder Than Bombs

8/14/10 at Grand Manor, Chicago w/ Vacation, Two Hand Fools, Dead North

8/16/10 at Lake House in Normal, IL w/ Like Bats, Young Devilry, Night Brigade

9/26/10 at Ground Zero (Milwaukee) with Stymie, Transgressions, Eau Claire Passaround

10/21/10 at The Juicer with Dangerous Ponies, Truman & His Trophy, Dr. Manhattan

11/4/10 at Strangelight with Strong City, Young Devilry, Poor Choice

11/17/10 at Brad Lohaus, Lansing, IL with Unfun, Transgressions, Young Devilry

December 2010 Tour
Wed 1 - Chicago @ Summercamp w/ Skrapyard, Erfert, Sucked Dry (KC)
Thur 2 - Normal, IL @ Lake House w/ Sweater Weather, Michael Seevers
Fri 3 - Carbondale, IL @ Hanging Garden w/ Al Scorch
Sat 4 - Kansas City, MO @ Bandwagon Merchandise w/ Canyons, Foreign Theaters, Kicked In
Sun 5 - Oklahoma City @ Bad Granny's Bazaar 1759 NW 16th St. w/ Needlepoints
Mon 6 - Fort Worth, TX @ 1919 Hemphill w/ Stymie, Special Guests, Totally High, Wolf Medicine
Tues 7 - Austin, TX @ Trailer Space Records
Fri 10 - early radio show in NOLA then a show in Baton Rouge, LA w/ Opposable Thumbs, Canadian Rifle
Sat 11 - Louisville, Kentucky @ House of Wax w/ Vaderbomb, The New Mexico, Alcohawk, Lay Down and Die, Damaged Goods
Sun 12 - Cincinnati, OH w/ You Blockhead!, Dead North
Mon 13 - Indianapolis @ The Dojo w/ House Boat, Sucked Dry

12/31/10 at Waterworks w/ Vacation, Tenement, Coping

1/20/11 at The Juicer w/ Tenement, Culo, Poison Planet

2/5/11 at Locked Out w/ Paint It Black, Lemuria, Raw Nerve, Poison Planet

4/1/11 at Hoosier Dome (Indianapolis) w/ Like Bats, You Blockhead!, Occult Detective Club, It's All Happening, Giant Giant Robot

4/29 - Cedar Falls, IA @ 1108 Main Street w/ Audrey Robinson, God Don't Make No Trash, Audabee, Faceplant
4/30 - Minneapolis @ Dingus House w/ Fixtures, Tiger Blue, Fight Cunning
5/1 - Milwaukee, WI @ Yurr Haus w/ Sweet Talk, Slob Donovan and Bored Straight

5/13 at The Juicer w/ Spoonboy, Geoff Hing, and Our Lady

5/16 at Dunk Tank w/ Panzram, Escalator, Southside Stranglers and Raw Nerve

6/11/11 @ Nnamdi's House of Pancakes (Lansing, IL) w/ Credentials, Nervous Passenger, Shiloh

6/27/11 @ Panchos w/ Rational Anthem, Billy Raygun, Costanza, Two Houses

7/8/11 @ 3225 McLean w/ Dead North and Derailer

8/5/11 @ Moving Castle w/ Small Bones, Poison Planet, Buff Shit

9/16/11 @ Moving Castle w/ New Yorker, Brickfight and Broken Prayer (OUR TOUR KICKOFF/RECORD RELEASE SHOW)
17 - Cedar Falls, IA @ The Space w/ Faceplant
18 - Omaha, NE @ Charles House w/ Eastern Turkish, Minkus, Thunderbolts
19 - Denver, CO @ 1.21 Jiggawatts w/ Chase Ambler, Negative Degree, O.S.I.
20 - Utah *
21 - Reno, NV *
22 - San Francisco @ Submission w/ Lyceum, Hysteria, Damaura, Ominos
23 - Fresno, CA @ The Bel-Tower w/ Set Aside, Hope Is Noise, Needy Eevy, Corporate Cancer, Victimless Crime
24 - Noose plays REACT/day off in Berkeley
25 - Los Angeles, CA @ Italiano's w/ White Night, Regal Beagle
26 - Pomona, CA @ VLHS w/ Summer Vacation, Tiny Lungs, Dog Jaw, Shovel & Gun
27 - Tuscon, Arizona @ Dry River w/ Dr. Meatpie, Ramshackle Glory
28 - Las Cruces, New Mexico @ Trainyard w/ Shang-A-Lang
29 - Denton, TX @ J + J's Pizza w/ Stymie, Completely Fucked, Meaner Demeanor
30 - Oklahoma City @ Parkdownthestreethouse w/ Grasseaters
10/1 - Kansas City @ The Manheimen w/ Bait Fish, Attn Skr, Bulletproof
2 - Normal, IL @ Dawson's Creek w/ These Old Ghosts, Embarrassed Teens

10/6 - Chicago @ Albion House w/ Teenage Softies, Like Bats, Wide Angles

10/9 - Louisville, KY @ Chestnut House w/ Philip Revell, Little Babies
10 - Nashville, TN @ Little Hamilton Collective w/ Chicken Little
11 - Atlanta, GA @ WonderRoot
12 - Tallahassee, FL @ The Farside w/ Cool Tricks, Can Jacket
13 - Tampa, FL @ Basement House w/ John Q Public, Awkward Age
14 - Ft Myers, FL @ Cool Hand Luc's w/ Panzram, Let's Go Exploring
15 - Orlando, FL @ Uncle Lou's w/ Teenage Softies, No Children, Caffiends
16 - Greenville, SC @ Club Sammich w/ Rubrics, The Soap, Puked Up Blood
17 - Greensboro, NC @ Science House
18 - Richmond, VA @ Cellar Door w/ The Outsiders, Close Talker, Wrist Rocket
19 - Washington DC @ The Rocketship w/ Real Talk, Harrison Four, Aloners, Bitter American
20 - Hartford, CT @ Whitney House w/ Dead Uncles, SOFX, Zone
21 - Hadley, MA @ The Hollow w/ Dead Uncles, Art Vandelay, Tensor, Removal
22 - Boston @ Starlab w/ Dead Uncles, Casanovas in Heat, Peeple Watchin'
23 - New Hampshire @ Ellis Island w/ Dead Uncles, Billy Raygun, Hay Fever
24 - York, PA @ The Depot w/ Cell Mates
25 - Columbus, OH @ Carabar w/ High School, Strong City, Tight Dudes
26 - Cincinnati, OH @ Baba Budan's w/ Dead North, You Blockhead!, Little Babies

12/12/11 at Spaceship w/ Lemuria, Population, Eastland Disaster

12/17/11 at Juicer w/ Max Levine Ensemble, High Dive, Noumenon, Cold Lovers

1/7/11 at Lucky Gator Loft (Ian's Party) w/ Canadian Rifle, Al Scorch, Velocicopter, Johnny Bodacious and the Bad Attitudes

2/25/12 at Moving Castle w/ Sweet Talk, The Reptilian, Warren Franklin, Horrible Things

3/7/12 at Quenchers w/ Boxsledder, Wide Angles, Business Papers

3/9/12 at Township (formerly Pancho's) w/ Strong City, Cousins, Like Bats

4/20 at Garfield's Garden (Champaign, IL) w/ Haka, Cheaper Hits, Laughboy
4/22 at Room 106 w/ Radiator Hospital, Haka, Protected Left, SLFM

5/8 at 86 Mets w/ Canadian Rifle, Big Eyes

6/21/12 at 86 Mets with Dead Uncles, Heats of Formation, Sweet Talk

6/25/12 at Albion House with Rubrics (SC), Poison Planet, Divine Right

7/11/12 at Like Bats' Practice Space with Peeple Watchin', Derailer, Strangers

7/12/12  at 4206 N. Western with Peeple Watchin', Scoundrel, Outlast, Boxsledder

7/17/12 at Albion House with Republic of Dreams, Cold Lovers, Strangers

9/20/12 at Albion House with Tenement, Vacation, Acidic Tree

10/19/12 - Grand Rapids, MI @ New Grenada Rec Center w/ Pagan Piss, Heavy Shadows
10/20/12 - Bloomington, IN @ Bloomington Skatepark w/ Marine Corpse, Subatomic
10/21/12 - Urbana, IL @ Red Herring w/ Strong City, Sleepyhead, Horrible Things, Midstress

11/3/12 at Township with The Max Levine Ensemble, Like Bats, Hinged

11/24/12 at Metro with The Lawrence Arms, Banner Pilot, Sidekicks
11/26/12 - Cincinnati, OH @ Drinkery w/ Dead North, Dessa Sons, The Worthmores, The Creature
11/27/12 - Greenville, SC @ Awful Waffle w/ Jimmy Buffet, The Soap, 4am Friends, Hay Fever
11/28/12 - Athens, GA @ Little Kinds w/ Nurture, Kater Mass
11/30/12 - Nashville, TN @ Owl Farm w/ Chicken Little, Warmachine, Kilo's Kuntfart Kwartet
12/1/12 - Louisville, KY @ Spinelli's Pizza w/ Written Off, Ill Advised
12/2/12 - Calumet City, IL @ Bat Cave w/ Floorboards

3/7/13 - Milwaukee, WI w/ Boxsledder, Tenement, Appleseeds
3/8/13 - Madison, WI w/ Boxsledder, Racoon Tusk, Bellow
3/9/13 - Minneapolis MN @ The Shack w/ Boxsledder, New McCarthys, Matthew Day
3/10/13 Cedar Falls, IA @ Rat Nest w/ Boxsledder, Lipstick Homicide, Lover's Speed

3/29/13 at Township w/ Night Birds, Tenement, Give, Snake Handler

4/5/13 at Red Herring in Champaign-Urbana, IL w/ Enta, Droughts, Restore, Native

5/3/13 at Coach House w/ Cassilis, Point Breeze, Acidic Tree

6/4/13 at 86 Mets w/ Big Eyes, Brickfight

6/15/13 - DUMB FEST w/ a million incredible bands

6/16/13 at Neverland w/ Full of Hell, NONA, Seven Sisters of Sleep, Angry Gods

7/27/13 at 86 Mets w/ Boxsledder, The Nesmins

8/1/13 at Gnarnia w/ Dead North, Who Needs You, Per Aspera

8/17/13 at Mike's House w/ Et Tu Brute, Butchered

8/24/13 at Beat Kitchen w/ Sidekicks, Hop Along

9/28/13 at Gnarnia w/ Peeple Watchin', Boxsledder (Boilerman LP release show!)

10/13/13 - Toronto @ Skramden Yards w/ Brutal Youth, My Man, Stares
10/15/13 - Montreal @ Crobar w/ Boids, Addington Lennox
10/17/13 - New Hampshire @ Ezra's House w/ Notches, Poo Poo Platter
10/19/13 - Connecticut @ Willimantic Records w/ Spit-Take, Blessed State
10/20/13 - Long Island, New York @ Checkmate Inn w/ Warm Needles, Playing Dead
10/21/13 - Philadelphia @ Golden Tea House w/ Joint Chiefs of Math, Nah, Glocca Morra, Bad Side
10/22/13 - DC w/ Peeple Watchin', Max Levine Ensemble, The Aloners
10/23/13 - Richmond, VA @ Church Of Abe w/ Burn Ward
10/24/13 - Columbus, OH @ Legion of Doom w/ Splashin' Safari, Checkmate

11/2/13 at 86 Mets w/ Thirsty Chords (japan), Turncoat (japan), Sass Dragons

11/17/13 at Township w/ Direct Hit, Lipstick Homicide, Galactic Cannibal

2/23/14 at Engine Haus w/ Holidays, Lagoon, Scary and the Scrapers

3/11/14 at Dee Dee Ramone's Funky Lab w/ Mayday, Escalofrio, Scary and The Scrapers

4/25/14 at Albion House w/ The Aloners, Like Bats, Boxsledder

6/16/14 at Soap Land, LaPorte, IN w/ Delay, Martha, Like Bats

6/17/14 at Township w/ Delay, Martha, Nighshift

6/21/14 at Hexagon Bar, Minneapolis, MN w/ Arms Aloft, Mean Jeans, Frankie Teardrop, Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, The Crash Bandits, The Okerlunds

7/24/14 at 86 Mets w/ Sass Dragons, The Nesmins

8/26/14 at Township w/ Staring Problem, Bad Doctors, Warrior Tribes

8/27/14 at The Bunker in Grand Rapids, MI w/ Dishpit, Shitty Nights

9/10/14 at The 2040 w/ Your Pest Band, Sanhose, Sick Sad World, Boxsledder

10/7/14 at Quenchers w/ Warm Needles, Fuck You Idiot

10/17/14 - Milwaukee, WI @ Ground Zero House w/ Estates, Platypodes, Outer Spaces
10/18/14 - Iowa City, IA @ PS1 w/ Kitten Crisis, Lover's Speed

11/11/14 @ Township w/ Typesetter, Astpai, Chumps

12/18/14 @ 86 Mets w/ Rad Payoff, Two Houses, Drilling For Blasting, 9thD Wave

2/17/15 - Ponx Church, Prairie Grove, IL w/ Nesmins, Boxsledder, Big Beef

3/6/15 at Tommy's Parent's House, Lansing IL w/ Scoundrel, Tenement, Bullnettle
3/7/15 at Cide Central, Cincinnati, OH w/ Scoundrel, Sleeves
3/8/15 at Champaign-Urbana, IL @ Dingbat Dungeon w/ Scoundrel, The Dingbats, Nectar

4/16/15 @ Fizz w/ Signals Midwest, Please and Thank Yous, Birches

6/6 - Chicago (B-Sides comp 7" record release) @ The Flowershop w/ Brickfight, Boxsledder, Scoundrel
7 - Cincinnati @ Black Plastic w/ Deep State, Swim Team
8 - Columbus w/ Raging Nathans, Nuclear Moms, Easy Pieces
9 - Richmond @ Strange Matter w/ Hysterese, Hot Dolphins, Omega Boys
10 - Raleigh @ Slim's w/ Laika's Orbit, Crete
11 - Alexandria, VA @ The Lab w/ Sundials, Lilac Daze, Polyon
12 - Philly @ Lava Space w/ Crybaby, Kyle Gilbride (of Swearin')
13 - Long Island @ Quaker Meetinghouse w/ Grave Blankets, Yum Yuckers, Mouth
14 - New Haven, CT @ Osborn House w/ Spit-Take (7" release), Worn Leather
15 - Boston @ Charlie's Kitchen w/ Witches With Dicks, Bundles
16 - Portsmouth, NH @ Red Door w/ Notches, Little My, Gravel
17 - Portland, Maine @ Brown Haus w/ Gout, Seasonal Disorders
18-21st - Ottawa Explosion (we play on Friday)
22 - Toronto, ON @ The Central w/ Brauer, Winter 94

4/27/16 - Tokyo @ Shinjuku Hill Valley Studio w/ Horse and Deer, NO
4/28/16 - Nagoya @ Daytrive w/ Good Luck With Your Fun, Navel, Egotrunk, Fish, 4 Brothers, Outwards
4/30/16 - Kyoto @ Rinky Dink Studio w/ Big City, San Hose, Parkmates
5/1/16 - Tokushima @ Crowbar w/ Thirsty Chords, Big City, Bows, Gremlin
5/2/16 - Okayama @ Crazy Mama Studio w/ Turncoat, Big City, Silverwigs, Revolution For Her Smile, Ketch
5/3/16 - Osaka @ Amemura Hokage w/ The Wimpys, Devil Tom Boy, PiPi, Midnight
5/4/16 - Tokyo @ Dom Studio w/ Dusteaters, Lip Ups
9/2/16 at Room Of Requirement w/ Boxsledder, Daisy Glaze, Mean Sean

8/22/17 at Room Of Requirement w/ Boxsledder, Sore History