Saturday, April 13, 2013

Upcoming Jazz

The show with Tenement, Night Birds, Give and Snake Handler was excellent, as was the day of Skeletal Lightning Fest we played.  Thanks to everyone involved in both shows for great times and a wildly successful return to playing shows in Illinois.  Speaking of, we have another few of those coming up:

5/3/13 @ The Coach House (1825 N Bissel, Chicago)
7PM (has to end at 10pm)    $5

Cassilis (PA)
Point Breeze (PA)
Acidic Tree

We're also playing this fest in Springfield, IL with a MOST EXCELLENT line up.  Here's the flier:

In other news, our LP is recorded and is being mixed and mastered.  Expect a cassette version on John Wilkes Booth Records.  Details about the vinyl release forthcoming.